Neighbourhood Wardens


Drop-In sessions with Julie & Barry are held monthly and are held in a variety of locations around the parish.  To view the upcoming (early 2023) Drop-In Session dates, click the link HERE

The Neighbourhood Warden scheme commenced during the summer of 2018 and since then, the Wardens have been a welcome sight around the parish.  They often arrange sessions for our younger residents at weekends or during half terms and school holidays, more info on this can often be found on the Newsfeed section of this website or on our social media pages.

A message from Julie & Barry - November 2022

Hello we are your local Neighbourhood Wardens for Billingshurst, we work in partnership with the local police and other agencies to help keep the people of Billingshurst safe  This month we have been working with the local Housing provider to discuss concerns around certain properties and individuals that are causing concern and how we can work together to address any future issues.

We have engaged with some local residents over some low level ASB and we are working to provide a solution which includes more patrols in that area whilst liaising with the local Neighbourhood Police teams. We have also recently engaged with a young female found sleeping in the Billingshurst library doorway, we contacted the necessary authorities (after buying her some hot food and a drink), and now she is off the streets and engaging with street link with a hope of finding a solution to her homelessness.

If you would like to make contact with Julie & Barry, their contact information is listed HERE

Neighbourhood Wardens Monthly Reports