Police Community Hub

receptionist at the police hub

The Police Community Hub at the Billingshurst Centre is manned by volunteers; opening times vary, depending upon the availability of the volunteers.

It is a good idea to telephone before coming up to the Centre to ensure that a volunteer will be available. If the Police Hub is unmanned, there is the option of completing a form and leaving it for volunteers next time they are on duty. They can then get back to you in due course.

Telephone (01403) 786881 for the Community Hub, dial 101 for non-urgent Police matters and in an emergency dial 999.  Alternatively you can report online to Sussex Police by clicking this link.

As of August 2023, more info has been requested of Sussex Police to advertise the opening times and days for the Police Hub but a response is still awaited.   If you have a bit of spare time and would like the idea of becoming a Public Enquiry Volunteer for Sussex Police, click the link HERE