Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan

Horsham District Council (HDC) at its meeting on 23 June 2021, voted unanimously to 'make' the Neighbourhood Plan for Billingshurst.  Our Neighborhood Plan now forms part of the development plan for Horsham and will be used to determine planning applications.  HDC congratulated Billingshurst for reaching this milestone.

This decision followed several Neighbourhood Plan Referendums across the District on 6 May 2021.


                                                    Parish                        Votes Recorded Yes (%)                   Votes Recorded No (%)               Percentage Turnout 

                                                Billingshurst                      2.388 (87.83%)                                 331 (12.17%)                                35.6%    


We are delighted that the process to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Billingshurst is now complete.  It will be reviewed once HDC has adopted its next Local Plan.

Started in 2016, hundreds if not thousands of hours of time have been put into developing the plan which will guide the future development of the parish.  Whilst we have opted not to allocate sites, as this is being done by Horsham District Council through its emerging new Local Plan, our numerous Aims and Policies should provide for a greener more sustainable community.


Our Thanks to all those who have contributed in some way, whether by being on the Steering Group, or have taken the trouble to take part in one of our many public consultations.

Click HERE to see the adopted plan. 

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