Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Updaate - December 2021

Horsham District Council met for its Full Council meeting on 23 June 2021, where members voted unanimously to ‘make’ the Neighbourhood Plan for Billingshurst. Our Neighbourhood Plan will now form part of the development plan for Horsham and will be used to determine planning applications. HDC congratulated Billingshurst for reaching this milestone. 

Neighbourhood Plan Update - May 2021  

Please see below the Referendum results for a number of Council's within the Horsham District which held their Neighbourhood Plan Referendums on Thursday 6 May 2021. This is a very important milestone in the Neighbourhood Planning process; the next stage will be for Horsham District Council to take the plans to their Full Council in June to formally ‘make’ the plans. Please click on the link below for all the results on Horsham District Council’s Website. If you have any questions, please email:



Votes Recorded Yes (%)

Votes Recorded No (%)

Percentage Turnout



769 (82.57%)

168 (17.43%)




2,388 (87.83%)

331 (12.17%)




278 (89.68%)

32 (10.3%)




2,085 (90.53%)

218 (9.47%)




849 (90.71%)

87 (9.29%)




581 (88.03%)

79 (11.97%)




338 (84.50%)

62 (15.50%)




2,440 (82.49%)

518 (17.51%)


Upper Beeding


999 (85.24%)

173 (14.76%)


West Grinstead


826 (78.67%

224 (21.33%)




















Please click HERE to view full details of Billingshurst Referendum results. 





Neighbourhood Plan Update - May 2021 

We are delighted that the process to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Billingshurst is nearing completion.

Started in 2016, hundreds if not thousands of hours of time have been put into developing the plan which will guide the future development of the parish.  Whilst we have opted not to try to allocate sites, as this is being done by Horsham District Council through its emerging new Local Plan, our numerous Aims and Policies should provide for a greener more sustainable community.

Our thanks to all those who have contributed in some way, whether by being on the Steering Group, or have taken the trouble to take part in one of our many public consultations.
The Plan will now be put to a Referendum of Parishioners on Thursday 6th May 2021 (on the same day as West Sussex County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections). 

This is being organised by Horsham District Council, we are though obliged to publish certain information here as part of this process.  Please click on the following links to view:

1.  The Plan as modified following the Examination.

2.   Examiner's Report

3.  The Decision Statement.

4.  Summary of the representations submitted to the examiner.

5.  Information Statement (sets out the general information on Neighbourhood Planning and sets out the Referendum details). 

The document will be able to be inspected Mon-Fri by prior appointment (via email: only at:

The Billingshurst Centre, Roman Way, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9QW.

All visitors must follow any on-site COVID precautions in place.

Neighbourhood Plan Update - December 2020

Horsham District Council (HDC) formally issued its decision statement on 14th December 2020, approving the draft Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan with modifications for referendum. The modifications have been determined through independent assessment by an experienced planning consultant acting as Examiner and were considered reasonable by Billingshurst Parish Council (BPC). HDC's Decision Statement can be viewed by clicking the link HERE

The Coronavirus Regulations prevent a referendum taking place until 5 May 2021 at the earliest. BPC encourages HDC to undertake this as soon as possible and for parish residents then to have their say on whether or not to adopt the Plan with modifications. 

Until publication of the referendum result, the Draft Neighbourhood Plan with modifications will carry "significant weight" in local planning decisions, meaning HDC must materially consider the Plan and its policies in determining planning applications; and it follows applications should give this due consideration in designing their proposals. 

The Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to and followed the progress of the Plan to this point - everyone's forbearance at the process that has to be followed has also been greatly appreciated.   



Neighbourhood Plan Update - June 2020 

The Regulation 16 consultation for The Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan will be commencing on 17 June at 5pm. The consultation will last for 8 weeks and will finish at Midnight on Wednesday 12 August 2020. 

Please click the link HERE below to view the complete legal compliance form from Horsham District Council and HERE to see a copy of their Public Notice:  



 Neighbourhood Plan Update - April 2020 

Billingshurst Parish Council has submitted its Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2031 to Horsham District Council (HDC); see documents below.

Since beginning the Neighbourhood Plan process in 2015, considerable work has been undertaken to arrive at this point.  From here the process dictates a further consultation (the so-called Regulation16 consultation) before submission for independent examination, ordinarily held by the Planning Inspectorate, then a parish referendum; should more than 50% of voters then support the Plan, it will be adopted and be a material consideration when considering future planning proposals in Billingshurst parish. 

Recent advice from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, in regulations linked to the Coronavirus Act 2020, is that no elections or referendums can take place until 6 May 2021.  This includes Neighbourhood Planning referendums.  Should the regulations change, Billingshurst Parish Council will engage with HDC to initiate the next steps to referendum at the earliest opportunity.

Billingshurst Parish Council will continue to support the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan.  As and when its working party needs to meet, details will be advertised in advance in accordance with usual practice.  Updates may also be presented to future Parish Council meetings.

If you are interested to follow the latest, you are able to receive alerts by visiting the News Feed page on our website and follow the E-Newsletter sign up.

If you have any query please contact the Parish Clerk:

G C Burt, Clerk to the Council 

Billingshurst Parish Council
Billingshurst Centre
Roman Way
West Sussex
RH14 9QW

Tel: 01403 782555