Meetings take place in the Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre, but because of Covid-19, all meetings have been virtual and were streamed on the Council's Facebook page. Following a decision in the High Court at the end of April, all Council/Committee meetings returned to being held on a face-to-face basis as of 6th May. The Council is looking into ways in which it can still livestream meetings on Facebook and (when technology permits) YouTube.
Members of the public should be aware that being present at a meeting of the Council or one of its Committees or Sub-Committees will be deemed as the person having given consent to being recorded (photograph, film or audio recording) at the meeting, by any person present.

Click on the Committees to access Agendas and Minutes

Full Council

Meets on alternate months.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Meets on the last Wednesday of each month

Billingshurst Centre Committee & Parish Council as Charity Trustee

Billingshurst Centre Committee meets monthly prior to the Finance & General Purposes Committee and Parish Council as Charity Trustee is held bi-monthly after Full Council

Planning & Environment Committee

Meets on the first Thursday of each month, with Extraordinary meetings held when required

Property Committee

Meets bi-monthly (alternating with Working Practices)

Working Practices Committee

Meets bi-monthly (alternating with Property)

Neighbourhood Plan Working Party

Meetings held as and when required.

Annual Meeting of Electors

Meets Annually in April

CCTV Working Party

Meets when required

Local Plan Working Party

Meeting once a week until 31st March 2020.