We really need your help

Published: 05 April 2024


Residents of Billingshurst, we really need your help. 😡

Our Public Toilet building in Mill Way is regularly being targeted by vandals who think it is acceptable to rip toilet roll holders off the walls, leave litter and bottles/cans in the cubicles, leaving food packaging around and smearing the remains (sauce/mayo etc) on the walls, occasionally smearing excrement on the walls, shoving toilet rolls down the toilets so that they become sodden and need to be discarded, pulling the light fittings down from the ceiling and damaging them, removing or burning the straps on the baby change unit which are in place to help secure young children to the unit whilst their nappies are being changed, and leaving their drug paraphernalia around.

Measures have been taken to try and lock the building earlier so as to prevent these instances of vandalism occurring as it is noted that this happens after school hours or during school holidays. All crimes have been reported to Sussex Police.

Our staff members are working hard every day to clear up the filth left by these anti-social people who cause the damage and enough is enough. Please, if you witness anything happening at the toilets and/or know who the people are who are using them as some sort of social club, please report this to Sussex Police on 101 and/or report online with as much information as possible to help the Police to hopefully catch these people in the act. Thank you