Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council

Published: 06 February 2024

The Parish Council will be holding an Extraordinary Meeting this Wednesday 7th February at 7.00pm at the Billingshurst Centre, to discuss its response to Horsham District Council's Draft Local Plan, which proposes to designate the East of Billingshurst as a strategic site to accommodate 600-650 new homes. HDC's own Cabinet Member for Planning, Cllr John Milne will be explaining the reasoning behind this recommendation. The public are welcome to attend and speak at the start. This meeting will be streamed via Facebook
It would be helpful if, on this occasion, if those wishing to speak could inform the clerk in advance by emailing clerk@billingshurst.gov.uk It would also be useful for groups wishing to speak, to nominate one speaker. All speeches will be timed and must not exceed 3 minutes. The agenda is noted HERE