Amazing Fundraising Effort

Published: 16 February 2021


We got in touch with the lovely Abi Smith, a local mum whose family were so inspired by the achievement of Captain Sir Tom Moore, that they decided to do their own 100 laps!  This is what she had to say:-


'In honour of Captain Tom, the children and I wanted to do something “100” times. We decided that doing 100 laps of our block, which is 0.6 miles would be a great challenge! We wanted to raise money for Billingshurst Primary School as they have missed out on so much fundraising opportunities due to Covid-19.

And so we began! Walking, skipping, cycling, dancing, scooting, we made our way around the block 100 times and the support we received was phenomenal. In cash collection alone we raised £1000 as we held out our bucket and people dropped in their donations, it was truly unbelievable.

We had good luck cards, chocolates and cakes donated too to keep us going and after completing 70 laps on Saturday, we knew after a good nights sleep, we would be able to finish the final 30 on Sunday without too much trouble, even though it was tremendously cold!

Apart from wind burn and a few achy legs, we did it! The donations kept coming online and in person - people dropped off more cash donations and sent messages for the children.

We have been overwhelmed with support and to date have raised over £1800 for the school. We didn’t expect to get anything near £500 so it’s just unbelievable' !! If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser, click HERE