Wheelie Bins on pavements

Published: 10 December 2021

The Parish Council has received complaints about wheelie bins being left on the roadside or blocking pavements and this can be particularly difficult for disabled residents and those with poor eyesight. It can also look unsightly and in windy conditions bins may get blown over causing even more obstructions.


When bins are left to block pavements it can force pedestrians to have to walk in the road. We would encourage all residents to return their bins to their properties or storage areas once they have been emptied and not leave them on the road or pavements for any longer than necessary. If you have any concerns about bins being left at collection points for long periods of time, please contact Horsham District Council who can contact the residents concerned, and ask them to collect their bins more promptly in the future.


If you are a resident who has difficulties putting out and collecting your bins, please contact HDC on 01403 733144 to ask about assisted bin collections.