AGM for Billingshurst Community Transport Ltd

Published: 09 September 2020


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Billingshurst Community Transport Ltd will this year be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 26th October. Ordinarily, Members are invited to the AGM, which has previously been held on a Monday morning, but this year the Management Committee has reluctantly concluded that it would be unwise in the present Covid-19 circumstances to extend an invitation to Members. The level of interest that the AGM generates would undoubtedly mean that there would be more people wishing to attend than could be accommodated satisfactorily to meet the social-distancing requirements that remain in place.

The legal requirement is that an AGM has to be held: there is no requirement for people other than Trustee/Directors to be present. The Management Committee apologises for the necessity of having to break with tradition and hopes that next year the AGM will be able to be held in the customary way. For those who have not yet used BCT during the current year here is a brief summary of activity:-

Ø   BCT continued to operate though out the lockdown helping members attend appointments

Ø   As a part of the Billingshurst Covid-19 support group BCT completed in the region of 500 medicine deliveries during lockdown

Ø   We are constrained at present due to volunteer drivers continuing to shield but we are still able to offer a limited service.