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Churchyard Inspection Report

The inspection/make safe was undertaken from the 15th September 2009 until the 18th September 2009, the weather during this period had one day of rain while the remaining period was dry, the average temperature during the inspections being 18 degrees centigrade.

It was agreed the terms of reference for the inspection was that all memorials were to be inspected as per the current standards including the BCAG guidance (hand test followed by a pressure test to quantify hand test). Due to the lay out of the cemetery with the pathway being fenced by 1m high metal railing and gates, unsafe memorials are to be signed, laid or cordoned.

Memorials within the cemetery are signed as per BCAG guidance. Vases and kerbs within sections to be inspected (no action taken if failed the inspection), although the ashes sections (tablets/plaques) have not been inspected as these are low risk and as such have not been recorded. The ashes tablets being mainly within three areas within the cemetery.

As all the areas containing memorial are within fenced areas which restrict access the cemetery as a whole represents a lower risk than open cemeteries resulting in the make safe actions that have been undertaken, namely signage instead of staking.

It was noted that the area of the cemetery commissioned for the inspection is bounded on all four sides by fencing/hedges which abuts private properties.

The southern boundary runs along the edge of a private property. The boundary is mainly constructed from 1.5m high hedging. There is an area in the south west corner of the cemetery that appears to be used for the storage of garden waste created within the cemetery.