Burnt Row Wood

Burnt Row Wood is located on the left of the access track as you enter the Jubilee Fields complex. There were dwellings here, probably pre-dating the Norman conquest of 1066. The boundaries of the holding, dating back into the Saxon past, were subject to the parcelling of land by William the Conqueror to pay off his supporters after the invasion.

Records of 1603/04 show that the land was then owned by one John Longhurst and in the 1630’s the land is marked on maps as “Burntrough”. There is then a continuous record of who held the land right up to the 1900’s.

In the Tithe register of 1841, the area is described as 1 rod, 3 perch or 0.303 acres in size. In 1920, the cottages that then stood on the site formed part of the Tedfold Estate and the last known inhabitant, Mrs Edna Hayward moved to West Street, Billingshurst in 1935 following the demolition of the dwellings.

burnt row wood

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