Her Majesty the Queen Mourning Information

Today, we mourn and start to come to terms with the loss of not only our Queen, but surely the most dedicated and selfless public servant the world has ever seen. Queen Elizabeth was of course our monarch, but she was also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to her family. However, many people considered the Queen as part of their family and as constant a presence in their lives as their own loved ones. One commentator said recently that when people around the world refer to “the Queen” that they were of course in fact talking about ‘our’ Queen, I think this speaks volumes and highlights what an integral part of life the Queens presence was for so many people, not just in our great nation but around the world.


Whatever people’s views on the monarchy, it is clear that millions of people around the world are profoundly shocked and deeply saddened that to hear of the Queen’s death. We have lost the most committed public servant, a person who dedicated her whole life to others, to public service and to duty. In doing so she showed leadership, compassion, love and when situations allowed, humour. The Queen was in short, an example to us all. Throughout the years she demonstrated traits that if we all took forward into our own lives would doubtless make the world and our small parts of it better places.
I send my deepest sympathies and condolences personally and on behalf of Billingshurst Parish Council and the people of Billingshurst to the King and his family at this most difficult and sad time.
Long Live the King
Paul Berry. Chair. Billingshurst Parish Council. 9th September 2022.

For more information please visit The Royal Family website. 




If you would like to lay flowers at this sad time you can do so at the War Memorial by St Mary's Church in Billingshurst.

Please be respectful of the Queen's wishes that these should not be wrapped in cellophane and ribbon so that they may be disposed of and composted appropriately.  Please do not leave cuddly toys.



There is now a  Book of Condolence open at the Billingshurst Centre in honour of the Queen's passing.  If you would like the opportunity to sign it, this can be done between 9am - 7pm.  The book will be available until 12.30pm on Sunday 18th  September, as the Centre will be closed for the state funeral on Monday 19th September.


This page will be updated as more information becomes available.