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Following the announcement of the closure of the Billingshurst

branches of both NatWest & Lloyds Banks, representatives

of each bank were invited to attend Council meetings where

members of the public were also invited to listen and ask

questions. Representatives of NatWest Bank attended a

meeting on Wednesday 10 January and the report from that

meeting can be read HERE


Lloyds Bank representatives were due to attend a meeting with

Councillors and residents on 18 January but unfortunately

cancelled giving only 2 hours notice, thus giving the Council

no time to postpone or cancel the meeting. Around 30

residents were in attendance and stayed to give Councillors

their thoughts. A copy of the meeting notes from January 18th

can be viewed HERE



A meeting was recently held with representatives of Lloyds

Bank where comments and concerns from residents were

passed on. Lloyds have subsequently responded to the

points raised and a copy of their letter can be viewed HERE