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Drop-In sessions for the Neighbourhood Wardens are

held at the Billingshurst Library and at the Billingshurst

Community & Conference Centre. 



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17 JULY 2018


Welcome to Barry & Glyn who start work in Billingshurst this week. Please click HERE to see the poster being advertised widely, which gives a good idea of what the wardens can and cannot do to assist our community as well as their contact information and Twitter address.



The Neighbourhood Wardens produce monthly reports which can be viewed below:

Parish Wardens report August 2018 click here

Parish Wardens Report September 2018 click here 

Parish Wardens Report October 2018 click here

Parish Wardens Report November 2018 click here

 Parish Wardens Report December 2018 click here

 Parish Wardens Report January 2019 click here

 Parish Wardens Report February 2019 click here


 2 JULY 2018

 Please click HERE to read a press release from Horsham District Council with an update on the newly recruited Neighbourhood Wardens for the parish of Billingshurst.






January 2018

Since the end of November 2017, the

Council has consulted widely with residents

encouraging as many responses as

possible.  The Council met on 24 January to

set the precept for the coming financial

year and consider whether to include a

Neighbourhood Warden Scheme. To read

the decision please click HERE




 November 2018

 Click HERE to read more about the

suggestion and HERE to read some

examples of what Wardens in other

parishes can and cannot do. 




Click HERE for details on how we

 consulted with residents of Billingshurst

including our Village Tweet article from

January 2018 which can be

accessed HERE