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The changes in parking charges in Horsham District Councils (HDC) car parks in Billingshurst have been met with concern by many people. Billingshurst Parish Council raised a number of concerns about these changes, and the effect they could have on local businesses. The Parish Council lobbied HDC to retain the current parking disc system but to make gradual increases annually over a period of time. The Parish Council was keen to point out to HDC that their plans to increase charges contradicted the Supplementary Planning Document for the High Street and Jengers Mead area, which HDC were involved in setting up. The SPD has a central theme of seeking to attract people to the village centre, whereas increasing parking charges could have the opposite effect. The Billingshurst Councillors also raised concerns that card-only ticket machines, online voucher renewal and paying by mobile phone could discriminate against some user groups. There were also concerns that illegal and dangerous parking elsewhere in the village, which seem rarely policed already, would worsen after the changes are introduced.  

When HDC first approached the Parish Council in September 2016, they raised the option of the Parish Council leasing the car parks, the Parish Council would then take on future costs and responsibilities of them. The Parish Council was promised figures outlining the likely costs of such an agreement in order to fully consider this option; sadly these figures have never been forthcoming. The Parish Council also felt that while managing their car parks, HDC has maintenance and legal departments etc. and has Parking Wardens to police them; Parish Councils do not have such facilities. The Billingshurst Councillors were also very concerned that if the Parish Council leased the car parks from HDC, it would involve a high increase in the parish precept; the exact degree of this increase would be unknown, given that the running costs for the car parks had not been provided.  

In September 2016, the Parish Council was also told that there would be consultation with the local community and other interested groups such as the Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce. Billingshurst Parish Council feels that consultation on this important subject has been lacklustre to say the least. The Parish Council is in the process of getting evidence together for its Neighbourhood Plan. When asking the business community "what improvements in infrastructure would assist your business?" so far the greatest response relates to parking.  

It is disappointing that HDC have forged ahead with the increases and changes in parking charges in Billingshurst without proper consultation and seemingly ignoring the concerns raised by Billingshurst Parish Council and local businesses and residents.


Paul Berry

Billingshurst Parish Council Chairman

January 2017













 FOR 2017 !!!









Billingshurst could be a prettier and more colourful place this summer, thanks to a new initiative by the Parish Council.


The Council is offering local businesses the opportunity to sponsor planters lining the High Street.


Attractive signage either side will enable firms to promote their names to a wide audience at the same time as showing their support for the community.


Funds from the scheme will be used to provide more attractive planting schemes in the troughs, which help bring colour to the main thoroughfare throughout the spring and summer.


The Council’s Property Committee backed the suggestion enthusiastically at a recent meeting.


Clerk Greg Burt said “This is a great way for the Council to work with local businesses to make the village centre even more attractive for residents and visitors alike.”


For details on availability and sponsorship rates, please contact Liz Berry on 01403 782555 or liz@billingshurst.gov.uk or click the link here


 Billingshurst Parish

Neighbourhood Plan


This is the community's Neighbourhood Plan and we want YOU to get involved


 Please look at the dedicated page on the left hand side of this website to find out more about this important local project.





Saturday 4 March 


at the Billingshurst Centre


12.00 pm - 4.00 pm


Don't forget that there is an opportunity to win an M&S voucher when you attend and take part in the consultation process.






You are cordially invited to perform at the

launch of the Billingshurst Cultural

Festival “Lark in the Park”.



The event will take place at Station Road Gardens, Billingshurst, on Sunday 9 July from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.


Members of the public will be invited to bring their own picnics, rugs, chairs, etc. and enjoy a wide variety of open-air events, including dancing, singing and instrumental performances, by both groups and individuals.   We are hoping to include as much local artistic talent as possible.


Admission will be free but there will be a collection for the upkeep of the Gardens and for a local charity.


The event is in the planning stage at present, but we very much hope you will feel able to participate in whatever way you would like.


For more information, please contact Nathalie at debraamschool@hotmail.com as soon as possible, and before the end of March 2017.   Your participation will help to make this community event a great success.   We look forward to hearing from you.





Small and medium businesses are being invited to apply to a new Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme to help support the installation of superfast broadband.


For more information click HERE 


 Would you find it helpful to have more information when there is a Power Cut?

Call 105 


Being launched later this year, 105 is a new three-digit number that people can call to report or get information about power cuts.


Click here for more information



Starting School September 2017


The application process for children due to start school in September 2017 will begin on Monday 3 October. West Sussex County Council no longer sends out individual letters to parents but it is advertising the application arrangements as widely as possible.


The Parish Council has been asked to assist with advertising the school application ionformation on its website.  For more information either click the link here, or make contact with West Sussex County Council direct by telephoning 03330 142903.