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There are currently 15 Parish Councillors who are elected every four years. The next elections are in May 2019.

The Full Council meets alternate months and has six principle Committees:


Finance & General Purposes - meets monthly (last Wednesday)

Billingshurst Centre - meets monthly (prior to F&GP)

Planning & Environment - meets monthly (first Thursday),  with Extraordinary Meetings being held when required.

Property - meets bi-monthly (alternating with Working Practices)

Working Practices - meets bi-monthly  (alternating with Property) 

Neighbourhood Plan Working Party - meets monthly


The Council’s Chairman and Vice Chairman, together with membership of Committees are elected in May of each year at the Council’s Annual Meeting.


Council Documents 

 Standing Orders Open 
 Terms of Reference for Committees Open 
 Scheme of Members Allowances Open 
 Payment of Members' Allowances Notice 31 March   2013  Open 

 Payment of Members' Allowances Notice 31 March 2014

 Payment of Members' Allowances Notice 31 March 2015 Open 
 Payment of Members' Allowances Notice 31 March 2016 Open 
 Payment of Members' Allowances Notice 31 March 2017 Open 
 Payment of Members' Allowances Notice 31 March 2018 Open 
 Councillors attendance at meetings 2013 - 2014 Open 
 Councillors attendance at meetings 2014 - 2015 Open 
 Councillors attendance at meetings 2015 - 2016 Open 
 Councillors attendance at meetings 2016 - 2017 Open 
 Councillors attendance at meetings 2017 - 2018 Open 
 Code of Conduct Open



 Dispensation Scheme Open

 July 2012

 Complaints Procedure Open Jan 2018
 Dignity at Work Policy Open

 Nov 2011

 Health and Safety Policy Open Sept 2015
 Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDRP) Open



Communication & Community Engagement Strategy 2016    Open Mar 2016
 Press Policy Open June 2016
 Social Media Policy Open

Jan   2015

 Reporting at Council Meetings Policy Open

 Sep   2015

 Grant Policy & Application Form OpenMar 2017
 Pensions Discretions Policy Open Jun 2014
 Land & Buildings OpenJul   2017
 Risk Assessment 2017/18 Open Feb 2018
 Byelaws Open Mar 2009
Investment PolicyOpen

June 2018